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Top 8 Best Airlines that Fly to Spain

Top 8 Best Airlines that Fly to Spain

When planning a trip and looking for the best airlines that fly to Spain, choosing the right one is very important. Your decision to select the top airline can significantly impact your travel experience.

Some factors such as comfort, convenience, reliability, and affordability are responsible for making up your mind for the best airlines. These airlines provide international and domestic flights and ensure a smooth journey from take-off to arrival.

Here is the list of the top 8 best airlines to fly to Spain:

  • Iberia Airlines 
  • British Airways 
  • Delta Airlines
  • America Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Air France
  • United Airlines
  • KLM Dutch Airlines

Below is the detailed overview of these airlines, their top destinations, flexibility, and more. Let’s get into it!

Iberia Airlines 

Iberia Airlines is considered the best airline, offering an extensive flight range to and within Spain. It is a Madrid-based airline well-known for its distinct services of flights to Spain.

Moreover, Iberia Airlines flies to various cities in Spain including Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia from different metropolises in America comprising Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

  • Iberia Airlines also caters to different travelers, from luxury passengers to budget-conscious travelers.
  • The airline also provides online flight bookings through its official website.

Check out the best time to approach: Iberia Airlines Madrid Office

British Airways

British Airways is another airline considered the best that flies to different locations in Spain, connecting Barcelona, La Coruna, Las Palmas, Alicante Ibiza, Malaga, Madrid, and Seville. Whereas, non-stop flights are regulated by British Airways globally regularly.

  • British Airways is primarily known for its affordable pricing and premium class facilities to make traveling smoother from distinct destinations in the UK and connecting through London.
  • In premium class, several amenities include lounges and food preferences.

For more information about British Airways operations to or from Madrid, visit the British Airways Madrid Office.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines, an eminent airline that operates numerous flights from different cities in America to Spain connects different destinations internationally from Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, and Salt Lake City.

In addition, Delta Airlines travels to various Spanish locations, including Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, and Mallorca.

  • Delta Airlines is known for its excellent customer service. 
  • In addition to, if you select first-class or business-class seating with Delta, you can anticipate an incredibly opulent experience.

Helpful Read: Delta Airlines Madrid Office

American Airlines

American Airlines is among the best airlines to fly to Spain. There are non-stop flights to Barcelona and Madrid in Spain. Miami, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston, Phoenix, Chicago, Charlotte, Los Angeles, and other airports are the origins of these flights. The airline prides itself on providing a magnificent experience for its passengers.

  • When you fly with American Airlines, you can indulge in an impressive amenity kit, quality headphones, and a comfortable Casper sleep set.
  • Additionally, the airline ensures that even passengers on a tight budget can still enjoy a selection of soft drinks, delicious food, and an array of entertainment options throughout the flight.

Lufthansa Airlines

With primary hubs in Munich and Frankfurt, Lufthansa is the best airline in providing comfort and convenience. The airline connects important Spanish destinations with connections from some countries in Asia, North America, and Europe. Some routes lead straight to Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, which are reachable from the United States. 

  • Selective travelers seeking efficiency and superiority choose Lufthansa as their best airline because it includes dependability and first-rate service.
  • Additionally, Lufthansa is recognized for its skillful fusion of comfort and entertainment.
  • There are dine-in options, headrest recline, more legroom, and in-screen entertainment available to passengers traveling in their first-class economy and business classes.

Air France

The primary hub of Air France is located in Paris at Charles de Gaulle Airport. This airline serves more than 170 locations worldwide through vast linkages of flights covering almost all big metropolises.

There are nonstop flights through Air France to Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, and Valencia from cities in America like Los Angeles, and Atlanta Dallas, New York, San Francisco.

  • Iberia Airlines is renowned for providing a delightful mix of entertainment, comfortable seating, and a wide range of amenities. 
  • This makes it one of the top choices when considering airlines for traveling to Spain. 
  • The airline serves various cities within Spain and also caters to different types of travelers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey for all passengers.

Get more details at the Air France Madrid Office

United Airlines

United Airlines is a centralized airline that operates a wide range of direct flights from the U.S. from Dallas, Miami, Fort Myers, and Raleigh to Spanish destinations like Barcelona and Madrid.

  • United Airlines is well-known for providing budget-friendly options.
  • Many luxurious offerings cater to the diverse needs of travelers across various cabin classes.
  • Numerous amenities including Wi-Fi access, power outlets, entertainment, and more are delivered by this airline.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Dutch Airlines offers extensive connections from major cities in the US and worldwide to various Spanish cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Alicante. It holds a divergent position as the best airline globally that flies to Spain.

  • KLM ensures a better on-board experience.
  • With different seat options, their Business Class provides fully flat seats, premium amenity kits, and delectable Dutch and international foods.
  • KLM provides various entertainment options to guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Get more details at the KLM Office in Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best airline in Spain?

Iberia is considered the best airline that offers a wide range of flights to various destinations to & within Spain.

Which airline is the best to travel from India to Spain?

Air France, Indigo, and Ethiopian Airlines are the most preferred airlines flying to Spain from India.

What is the most used airline in Spain?

Iberia Airlines, Air France, American Airlines, and British Airways are the best airlines generally used by passengers flying to Spain.

What is the cheapest time to go to Spain?

The cheapest time to visit Spain is usually from December to March, though you can also enjoy the affordability and hotels in early spring and late autumn.

What are the best low-cost airlines in Spain?

The cost-conscious airline to fly to Spain is Ryanair (an Irish Airline). 

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