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FlyEgypt Corporate Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt

1 Gad El Haq Street, Block No. 1226-Sheraton Heliopolis 11799, Cairo, Egypt

[email protected]


FlyEgypt operates globally from its headquarters located in Cairo, Egypt. As a prominent airline in Egypt, FlyEgypt’s headquarters serves as the central hub for its extensive flight network, ensuring a pleasant travel experience for passengers worldwide. Below, you’ll find detailed information about FlyEgypt’s services, head office, address, and contact details.

Contact Details of FlyEgypt Headquarters

Address1 Gad El Haq Street, Block No. 1226-Sheraton Heliopolis 11799, Cairo, Egypt
E-mail[email protected]
Working/Operational HoursOpens 24×7
Official Website002-0222-694-465
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Services Provided by FlyEgypt Head Office

FlyEgypt’s headquarters in Cairo offers a comprehensive range of services to efficiently manage its operations. Here are some of the major services provided:

  • Assisting customers with travel inquiries and support.
  • Overseeing day-to-day airline operations.
  • Managing financial activities and planning.
  • Planning and executing flight routes.
  • Providing technical support for the airline’s fleet.
  • Handling cargo and logistics operations.

For detailed information and assistance regarding FlyEgypt’s services in specific cities refer to the list of FlyEgypt offices provided by AirlineOfficeMap.

FlyEgypt HQ Photos

FlyEgypt Headquarters -AirlineOfficeMap
FlyEgypt Headquarters - AirlineOfficeMap
FlyEgypt Headquarters - AirlineOfficeMap

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is FlyEgypt headquartered?

FlyEgypt is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. The company’s headquarters in Cairo serves as the central hub for its operations, including flight scheduling, administration, and corporate management.

Who is the CEO of FlyEgypt?

The CEO of FlyEgypt is Ahmed el Helw. Since assuming the role, Ahmed el Helw has led the airline through various challenges and expansions, with a focus on customer service, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Is FlyEgypt an Indian company?

No, FlyEgypt is not an Indian company. Although it operates flights to and from India and serves a diverse international clientele, FlyEgypt is a prominent Egyptian airline with its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.

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