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Can Flight Attendants Have Tattoos?

Flight Attendants Tattoo Policy

In the aviation industry, the appearance of flight attendants is not just about aesthetics, it reflects the airline’s brand and professionalism. As such, many aspiring flight attendants often wonder about the acceptability of tattoos within this profession.

This blog post explores the tattoo policies of various airlines to provide clarity on this topic.

Flight Attendant Tattoo Policies

Tattoo policies for flight attendants vary significantly from one airline to another. Generally, the rule is that tattoos should not be visible while the attendant is in uniform. This standard helps maintain a uniform look that aligns with the airline’s branding and customer expectations.

Visibility of Tattoos

According to the flight attendant tattoo policy, most airlines have strict policies that prohibit flight attendants from having visible tattoos while in uniform. This typically includes tattoos on the face, neck, hands, and sometimes the lower arms and legs.

Concealing Tattoos

While visible tattoos are generally frowned upon, many airlines do allow tattoos that can be covered up by the uniform or with makeup. However, it’s important to note that using bandages or jewelry to cover tattoos is often not permitted.

Airline-Specific Tattoo Policies

Different airlines have their own specific rules regarding tattoos which reflect their brand image and the markets they serve.

  • American Airlines: According to American Airlines Tattoo Policy, the airline requires that no tattoos be visible when the flight attendant is in uniform and they must be covered by the uniform.
  • Delta Airlines: Delta maintains a similar stance to American Airlines, where no tattoos should be visible while the attendant is in uniform.
  • United Airlines: United is slightly more lenient, allowing small, tasteful tattoos in areas that are usually covered by the uniform. However, tattoos on the face, hands, or neck are still prohibited.
  • JetBlue: Adheres to a strict no visible tattoos policy. All tattoos must be covered by the uniform.
  • Southwest Airlines: Tattoos cannot be visible but may be covered by appropriate clothing, makeup, or a scarf.
  • Spirit Airlines: Maintains that no tattoos should be visible during interviews or when wearing the uniform.
  • Frontier Airlines: Prohibits visible tattoos, even if they are covered by makeup, jewelry, or a bandage.
  • Emirates: Known for its stringent policy, Emirates does not allow any visible tattoos, and cover-ups with cosmetics or bandages are not acceptable.

Can You Be a Flight Attendant with Tattoos?

Yes, it is possible to be a flight attendant even if you have tattoos, provided they meet the airline’s policy for non-visibility or can be effectively covered during work hours. Here are some tips for aspiring flight attendants with tattoos:

  • Before applying, thoroughly investigate the tattoo policy of the airline you are interested in. This information can usually be found on the airline’s career page.
  • When attending an interview, ensure that your tattoos are not visible. This can be achieved by wearing clothing that covers them completely.
  • If you are planning to get a tattoo and wish to pursue a career as a flight attendant, consider placing your tattoo in areas that are easily covered by the uniform.

NOTE: Visible tattoos can be one of the reasons for disqualifying you from being a flight attendant. So, make sure if you’re going for an interview, your tattoo is not visible and must be covered.

Which Airlines allow Tattoos?

While the general trend in the aviation industry leans towards restricting visible tattoos, some airlines are known for their more lenient policies, provided that tattoos are covered during work hours. This flexibility allows individuals who have tattoos to still pursue a career in aviation without having to remove their body art.

Here’s a closer look at some airlines with more accommodating tattoo policies:

  • Alaska Airlines: Known for its relatively liberal tattoo policy, Alaska Airlines employs the “badge rule,” which allows tattoos as long as they are no larger than the size of a badge (about the size of a credit card). Tattoos must not be on the face, neck, chest, or hands and should not depict violence, racism, or sexism. If visible, they must be covered by the uniform or makeup.
  • United Airlines: United Airlines permits tasteful tattoos on the arms, legs, wrists, and feet, provided they are no larger than a credit card. This policy is more accommodating than those of many other major carriers, though it still restricts tattoos on the face, hands, or neck.
  • SkyWest Airlines: This regional carrier allows visible tattoos with certain limitations regarding their size and placement. Tattoos that do not meet these guidelines must be covered by the uniform or with makeup that matches the skin tone. Offensive tattoos must not be visible at any time.

Tattoo Policy for Pilots

The tattoo policy for pilots is often similar to that for flight attendants. The key rule remains the same: no visible tattoos while in uniform. This applies to pilots across various airlines, reflecting a uniform standard of professionalism in the cockpit as well.

While visible tattoos are generally not permitted, many airlines provide guidelines that allow for covered tattoos, ensuring that all flight crew present a neat and professional appearance. As the industry evolves, these policies may change, but for now, the emphasis remains on maintaining a certain standard of uniformity and professionalism that aligns with each airline’s brand image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a flight attendant have tattoos?

According to the tattoo policy, flight attendants can have tattoos, but they must not be visible while being in cabin crew uniform according to most airline policies.

Can I fly after getting a tattoo?

Yes, you can fly after getting a tattoo. Ensure proper aftercare to avoid complications, especially in the dry cabin air.

Are pilots allowed to have tattoos?

Yes, pilots can have tattoos, but like flight attendants, these must not be visible while wearing the pilot’s uniform.

Can you have tattoos as a pilot?

Yes, you can have tattoos as a pilot, provided they are not visible while in uniform or can be covered effectively.

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